Dentist is offering kids cash for their Halloween candy

This Halloween, kids are experiencing the sweets smell of success. Days after trick-or- treating in Hoboken is over, children can cash in at Lucas Dental, on Bloomfield Street, as part of their Candy Buy-Back program. There, Dr. Robin Lucas trades each kid five bucks and a toothbrush for every five pounds of candy they bring [...]

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LUCAS DENTAL ASSOCIATES 232 Bloomfield St. 200 Bloomfield St. 201-798-8899 Dr. Robin Lucas opened Lucas Dental Associates at 232 Bloomfield St. in 2000 and now has been putting beautiful smiles on the faces of Hobokenites for more than 15 years. According to Lucas, Hoboken citizens have a wide range of dental needs. “In Hoboken, it’s [...]

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